Sorry, that last post was a mess up… lol….

Sorry, that last post was a mess up... lol....

Ok, so…

I’m weird… and it’s fun!

Never be afraid to be yourself, because someone somewhere in the world does or will love you! And you have someone who already loves you, me and God!! ❤ You are loved, just be yourself, and don't be ashamed! Never lose hope, that someone doesn't love you! Because, YOU ARE LOVED ❤ ❤


I feel awesome!!! (((((:

I love being weird… and just being myself!

Never be afraid to be yourself, because someone out there loves you or will love you just for who you are! Never lose hope!



Ok, so first of all!! Hi! Sorry, I haven’t written at all, but I had NO idea what to write, or even what to do!


But anyways! I was thinking on what I could write to help people (mainly girls), with something that they struggle with, that I completely relate too! And I figured out that that thing… what probably beauty! Dude… that we even struggle with beauty sucks…! But it’s apart of life! First of all I’m just gonna say, YOUR BEAUTIFUL <3, but so many people brush that aside, as someone just being nice! And some people do, do that, and they are stupid! Because EVERYONE some way, some how, in every way, is beautiful!

Trust me, I TOTALLY struggle with this myself! You may see a cute pic of me, but trust me, it probably took me at least ten pics, before that turned out somehow, how I wanted it! I spend probably an hour, getting ready… and that means, my clothes, hair, and makeup! Now, you may think that because I do all that, to not look completely like myself! Doing special stuff with my face, hair, or whatever, IS OK! It’s not wrong, to wear makeup! IT’S NOT! But when you do it for the wrong reasons like an idol! That’s when it gets out of hand! Most of the time, I take time to put on makeup, but some days, when I don’t feel like taking the time, I don’t wear it! But when you make your hair, clothes, or makeup an idol! That’s when it’s hard to believe that your beautiful, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!!! ❤

I know so many people, where I’ll say, “Your so pretty!” And then look at me like I’m crazy and say, “NO! I am not!!” But YES THEY ARE!!!

Size is another thing a lot of girls struggle with, AND SO DO I!! Me, I am not one of those skinny, perfect height girls! I am actually really tall, I’m am 5’9! (Tallest in my family), and I am not skinny! I’m not really big either… Just in the middle! But I will probably always be like that! But it’s so sad, because so many girls and guys, have anorexia! WHICH IS SAD! The effects that happen from it are devastating! You are a beautiful person, just the size you are! There are some very gorgeous girls, who are over weight, and that’s ok! But just saying, I could never be anorexic I love food to much xDDDDDDD!

The other thing you should know! GOD LOVES YOU, NO MATTER WHAT SIZE, HEIGHT, OR EVEN WHAT YOU OR OTHER PEOPLE THINK ABOUT YOU!!! You may walk through the store and get a snicker from this stupid girl who thinks she’s everything, just think to your self, I AM BEAUTIFUL, AND SAMI AND GOD LOVE ME JUST THE WAY I AM!!! Now don’t go around going I’m beautiful, and get rude and snobby, PLZ DON’T DO THAT! You just beautiful, just the way you are!